An Integrated Mobile Health App

Aeger is a secure link to healthcare, health education, and health data management on a user’s mobile device.

Aeger connects with a user’s primary care physician to provide electronic medical records, prescription lists, as well as schedule medical appointments right from the device itself. It includes everyday health maintenance features such as Q&A forums with licensed medical professionals, pill identifier, and drug informatics.

Helmut Schimd’s Osaka Pharmaceutical packaging redesign was the dominant influence on branding for this project.The bright colors and clean use of helvetica as well as inclusion of clean horizontal lines are the main characteristics that Aeger shares with the prescription packaging.

My main color was bright teal that, while vibrant, was easy to read white or black text over top of. As I would imagine the target market being people 50 years and over, legibility/accessibility was key.

User Stories

  • 1. As someone who has recently been diagnosed with an illness that requires multiple medications I am looking for a tool that keeps track of this medication and monitors for side effects
  • 2. As an elderly adult with several medications to take per day I need a tool that helps me keep track of them that is easy to read and easy to understand.
  • 3. As a mobile healthcare app user it is important that there is a scheduling appointments feature that negates me from having to call the office and schedule appointments because I tend to go to the doctor frequently and it would be easier to do it from my phone.