About Me.

I’m a graphic designer and artist with a passion for all things
experimental and a newfound love for hand crafted design.

Tessa Meyer

Graphic Designer | Photographer | Artist

There is no duo more passionate than design and me.

I’m a born and bred Richmonder (Virginia is for Lovers) currently finishing up my BFA in Graphic Design at Virginia Tech. 

I’m a visual problem solver with an insatiable need to learn and create.The idealist in me believes that every problem in life is solvable. I like to think that applies to my passion for design in that each solves a very complex problem.

My world is ever-expanding and with each year that passes my appreciation and understanding of design grows immeasurably. While I love all avenues of design, print and web, I am partial to user-interface and editorial design.  

If you would like know more about me head on over to my contact page. I would love to hear from you.